I love when people ask me what I do. Most of the time I tell people I’m a real estate investor. Other times when I’m looking to have a little bit more fun I tell people I’m a marketer. Which is what I really do. Sure I do more than that, I do some sales, some remodeling (but very little), some data entry stuff, but mainly marketing.

I go out everyday and try to reach new sellers with different types of marketing, rather it’s direct mail, internet marketing, print ads, email marketing, or your favorite bandit signs. It’s my job to reach these sellers who are going through some kind of negative or distressed situation and be their solution by purchasing their property.

The funny things is, I actually went to college and earned my degree in marketing. My first job out of college, I was selling cars at a Toyota dealership. I thought I would never use my marketing degree outside of college…What a waste of a degree, but lo and behold it was probably the best subject I could get my degree in.

I’m trying to come up with the next best thing in marketing to sellers. If you have any great ideas I would love to hear them. Also if you’re an investor and you need a little help in your marketing, let me know. There are plenty of deals out there for everybody and I’m not scared to help out.

I have a little story for you all if you who need to smile today. I went out to eat with my little brother on Sunday and he’s 16 and he was telling me about some of his dates he’s been taking these girls on. The best by far was him taking one of his girls to Perkins…I bout died when he told me that. I obviously need to take some notes from him and stop taking these chicks to Mestizo’s, Ruth’s Chris and The Melting Pot.

Busy Busy Busy

Busy busy busy, this year has started out very busy so far and we plan to continue that trend. As you all know, we buy and sell houses in the Kansas City area. A lot of times after I purchase a property I actually sell it to another investor (One of our many strategies). Lately, and by lately I mean it just started happening in January but other investors have been coming to me with their properties. I was quite surprised at first, but after I thought about at a little. I realized that the awesome buyer’s list that we have is very valuable, not only to me but to other investors.

I’ve actually been selling properties for other investors! I never thought that would be a path that we would take in real estate, but it has been pretty fun so far. I’m still able to help sellers and I’m still able to help other investors get great deals on properties.

If you’re an investor in the Kansas City area, let me know if you need help selling your properties. I’m a cash buyer and I have a very large list of buyers who pay cash as well. Crown Properties Solutions is here to help in any way possible.

By the way, I’m going to do something new in the coming months. I’ll keep you updated with a new flip that we have under contract right now. You’ll get to see how the flip process works. You might be pretty surprised, we’re actually pretty hands off. We buy the house, the general contractor has a month to do the repairs, and then it goes on the market. But for this little experiment, I’ll head out to the property more than normal so you guys can get an idea of all of the fun we get to have.


God Bless!

Are Rental Properties Right for You? Idk but I Love Them!

Wow, I haven’t been on here for some time now…please don’t be mad at me. I know how much you all missed me. So today I was talking to one of my good buddy’s, he’s not in the real estate business, but he’s looking for more ways to generate income. I told him “Boss, you came to the right guy!” By the way, everybody likes to be called boss, it makes them feel way more important than they really are.

My buddy and I are started talking and I asked him if he ever thought about buying a cash flow rental property. He had no idea about cash flow properties, I had to drop a little knowledge on him.

I explained to my buddy how the smart investor goes about making money through rental properties. First we talked about finding properties below market value in good rental areas, where the rent is $800 and up. Then it was about getting pre-approved for a mortgage (my buddy doesn’t have enough money to drop cash on a house, so he has to finance). After we talked about getting pre-approved we talked about interviewing and hiring property management companies. This is one of the most important steps that people forget to do. When you have a good property management company, they’ll take care of pre-screening tenants, placing tenants, collecting rent, and they take ALL of the midnight phone calls when the toilet overflows and there’s water everywhere. Having the property management company makes having a rental property truly passive. You have nothing to do once you have the property, the management company will send you a check every month for the rent and you go along your merry way.

Also a very important part of the process to having great cash flow is making sure the rent is a minimum of $300 more than what the mortgage is. There is potentially an extra $3,600 in annual income that you can make while doing nothing. What can you do with an extra $3,600 a year? Pay off a credit card or two, buy Christmas presents for the kids, go on a vacation? Now think what you can do if you 5 of these properties? That’s potentially an extra $18,000 a year! Now I know even some of you rich people who read this blog can use an extra $18,000, that’s a weekend in Vegas for some of you ballers.

There are plenty of great rental areas in the Kansas City market. I have a property right now in a great rental area that I’m looking to sell. I would sell it to my buddy, but he needs to get pre-approved for a loan and take all of the necessary steps to make sure this is a pain free and cash flowing process. I also can get him a rental property whenever he wants one, it’ll take me less than a week to get him something that fits his criteria.

If you’re looking for a great rental property in the Kansas City area with a ROI of 20% or higher, let me know and I can get you something quick and affordable.

Call us at (913) 489-7070 or email us at


How Important are Home Inspections?

Buying a new home is a very big decision an individual can make. They want to make sure the house is good quality, that the neighborhood is safe and home of good people. When you go look at a potential house, you walk around the house inspecting the home to see if you can picture yourself living there. But, how good are our own eyes at exactly ‘inspecting’ the home? Some homes seem move in ready and they seem to be in great condition, however, some may appear ready but really they aren’t. So how can we look past this illusion of a move in ready home? By having Professional Home Inspectors take a look at the house!

Below is an article about the importance of home inspections. The American Home Inspectors Training Institute does a great job of explaining the importance and different types of inspections.


Time to Get the Truck Outta Here!


The lovely Lenexian couple of W 93rd Street is moving off to the Lone Star State and needs to sell everything their moving truck can’t hold.  Come help them out Saturday, September 21st from 8 a.m. to Noon, and get yourself something awesome in the process. Some of the items featured in the sale are:

*Free weights
*30 lb dumbbell
*Apple décor plates/glasses/cups/pans/rolling pin – 8 place setting
*TVs (19″) with remote
*Rainbow vacuum cleaner
*large computer tower and monitor

Hope to see you there!

Make your Home more Appealing to Buyers

One of my biggest fears as a home owner is selling my house when the time comes. I assume that this is a common fear in many home owners. Whether you are planning on selling or currently trying to sell, we all have to cross this bridge sometime in our lives. It can be very stressful for some and have no luck on selling their house. For others, luck seems to be on their side and they have no problems in selling their homes. Of course we all want to be the lucky ones but it never seems be that way. So what can you do to your home to end up being one of the lucky ones?

Thanks to the Chicago Tribune, they came up with nine ways to make your home more appealing to buyers. They offer great advice on ways to improve your home to make it ‘pop’ from the rest. For example, many have no idea were to even begin. The first advice given in the article is to be objective. They go on to say that many people have a difficult time in seeing their house from a buyer’s perspective. The solution? To take photos! Take photos of the main areas of your home such as a street view, kitchen, living room, ect. Then go over your pictures and imagine yourself looking at the photos as a potential buyer. Then bing bang boom, you can start to see improvements that may be necessary!

This is just one way to improve your home. They go on to talk about the yard and on to the heart and soul of the house, the kitchen. I personally think these are great ways to help your home ‘pop’ and become more appealing. Then before you know it, you may just become one of the lucky ones.

Check out the Article!,0,6917494.photogallery

Helpful Moving Tips

Summer is the busiest time of the year for moving from one home to the next. However, as summer is coming to an end, many people are still in the moving process. This process can be very stressful and overwhelming at times. In a lot cases people often think, “Where do I even begin?” I’ve be there multiple times and I’m sure you have as well.

However, the moving process doesn’t have to be as stressful as it may seem. No, I’m not pulling your leg here. There are ways that you can make the move easier! has 10 helpful tips that can make moving day a fun day. They offer some very useful tips on strategies for moving such as what to do with your pets, keeping a close eye on small parts, pre-planning and more. After reading over these, I will definitely be using more than 1 of these helpful tips in my next move. I hope they are as helpful to you as they were for me and enjoy seeing your new home come together!

Shameless Product Endorsement: In Mr. Clean We Trust

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (Photo credit: theimpulsivebuy)

Every so often I volunteer to watch twin toddlers for some relatives. Let me just say these two are adorable headaches – the epitome of “double-trouble.” Several months ago the little girl went through the dreaded wall writing phase, and the parents haven’t been able to keep up with her artwork. So the other day I went over armed with the best house-hold item known to man – the Mr. Clean Magic Easer. As soon as their cute little faces hit the pillow and started breathing Zs, I was off to the scrubbing. WOW, that little white sponge is a force to be reckoned with; Harry Potter himself would endorse it should he ever need to clean anything. Then later that night, the parents came home and said if felt like they had walked into a whole new home – just call me the Wizard of Cleanliness. I gave the remaining erasers to my relatives and left knowing that I just changed some lives.

In my blog post Monday, I had said that little touch-ups around the home can really make a difference when trying to sell. Well why not add a little magic to your cleaning strategy? This eraser not only rid the walls of marker, pencil and crayon, it also eliminated all dirt, dust and grime. Whether you’re on a tight schedule or cursed with cleaning aversion, this piece of spongy heaven gets the job done quick and in a hurry.

After I got home from babysitting, I hopped on Pinterest for ideas on other house-hold cleaning tips; some I knew and others I’m eager to try. So if you find the magic in your erasers beginning to dwindle, try other cleaning recipes on Pinterest or other home blogs – there sure are a lot. And like I said before, it’s the little things that sell the house.

Is the market rejecting you?

Been there before.

Equity Homes Team Keller Williams Green Meadow

Sometimes sellers want to list a property based upon what they need in order to pay off the property or for some amount that they need to move. However the value of a property is only worth what an educated buyer is willing to pay for it. Buyers today have lots of electronic information to help them get the best deal possible. They are looking to pay fair market value or to get a deal.
If your home is listed on the open market and you are not getting any showings, I am positive your home is over priced for the market. I believe that you need a certain number of showings in a week to get the property sold. This number will change based on your selling price.
If you are getting showings but you are not getting offers, then there is something wrong with the property. The buyers…

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